Legalese Explained: What is Mass Tort Litigation?

Legal jargon might sound complicated, but it’s easier to discuss a case once you understand what certain terms mean. For example, tort refers to a specific action or inaction that caused injury to an individual. Torts are not criminal in nature, but you are liable for damages that occur as a direct result of the action or negligence. In that vein, mass tort litigation refers to a single issue or incident that has caused injuries and damage to many people. If you think you have a mass tort claim, turn to a personal injury attorney at Foley & Small for representation and information about the process.

What Are Examples of Mass Tort Litigation?

In a mass tort claim, many plaintiffs are suing a defendant or group of defendants for damages stemming from a single issue. Common mass tort cases include dangerous pharmaceutical claims and product liability claims, including defective medical implants, where an item that was poorly designed, defectively manufactured, or failed to include warnings about known hazards.

How Do Mass Tort Cases & Class Action Lawsuits Differ?

Mass tort litigation Rochester INAlthough there are multiple plaintiffs in a mass tort case, the court treats each as an individual and grants them a separate trial. In a class action lawsuit, the court considers the plaintiffs a collective group or class, and a single representative stands in for all of them during the trial proceedings.

If you sustained serious injuries after using a defective product and want to discuss your options for pursuing mass tort litigation, turn to Foley & Small. Their experienced injury and trial attorneys will strive to get the compensation you deserve. Visit their website to learn more about their services and call (800) 276-2525 or (574) 288-7676 to schedule a consultation.

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