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At Foley & Small we are often asked by clients and potential clients what will happen as we handle your case. The typical steps are discussed below.

The first thing we do is have a client meeting where we get acquainted with you, learn the facts of your case, provide information about the law and answer your questions. We also have you sign the necessary paperwork to get moving on your file.

After the client meeting, Foley & Small will do further work obtaining information on your case which would include obtaining medical records, loss of pay information, interview witnesses, obtaining scene, vehicle and other photographs and completing anything else we need to do to learn more about your file. If necessary, we will often retain expert witnesses to help us better understand and represent your case. This could be accident reconstructionists, engineers, financial specialists, medical experts and others.

  1. Always tell the truth and do the right thing.
  2. Get well. Follow doctor/therapist orders and recommendations and attend all appointments.
  3. Return to work as soon as you reasonably can.
  4. Turn in medical bills to car/premises insurer than to health insurer.
  5. If no insurance, letter of protection can be sent to health care providers promising payment when case resolved.
  6. Let us at Foley & Small know when you are done treating or if there is a change in your care or condition.
  7. Politely refrain from discussing details of your case with others.

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