Health & Medical Accident Attorney

Defective Medical Implants

Foley & Small has handled a variety of defective medical implant claims. We have helped those injured by such defective implants and their families during a difficult period of medical treatment and recovery, coordinating insurance and other coverage benefits, dealing with loss of pay claims, issues a permanent impairment and overall recovery.

Defective Pharmaceuticals

Foley & Small has handled defective pharmaceutical and drug claims in state and federal court and nationwide claims as part of the multi-district litigation claim process. If you or a family member has been injured due to use of a pharmaceutical or drug be sure to contact Foley & Small.

Foley & Small is serving as lead counsel in the State of Indiana in litigation involving the distribution and purchase of contaminated epidural injections manufactured by the New England Compounding Center (NECC).

Medical Malpractice

Indiana was the first state to pass medical malpractice reform legislation in 1975. The Medical Malpractice Act places limits on recovery, imposes special requirements to the bringing of a malpractice claim and continues to apply the law of contributory negligence to such cases instead of the law of comparative negligence.

Foley & Small has handled numerous malpractice claims. These claims are often complicated both as to the legal and medical issues involved. Foley & Small retains medical experts to review and offer opinions on our client’s cases.

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